If you’re a fan of hand-crafted leather goods made in America, chances are you already know about Tanner Goods. But for those of you that don’t, let Ryan Bush and Aaron Rayburn pull back the curtain for you. The small leather goods manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon thrives on their attention to detail and appreciation for high-quality products. While currently focusing on a wide range of leather accessories, in the future they plan to expand their product line to include non-leather goods such as eyewear and timepieces, while maintaining their strong roots in simplicity and utilitarian product design.

“This video serves as a documentation of craft that I have long been interested in as a graphic designer and someone who appreciates handmade goods,” says Bush. “It is wonderful to see a company that thrives in the ‘small batch’ business model, and I hope they continue to make good things for a long time coming. The process of making something as simple as a belt can remind us of the roots of what this country was founded on: creativity, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.”