State mottos are one of those things that you probably knew growing up, but quickly forgot once you had to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day. Thankfully, Dan Cassaro saw them differently. Cassaro, a designer and animator living and working in Brooklyn, took these tired slogans and asked 50 different designers to each illustrate their state motto. The result? Fifty and Fifty. By creating something steeped in history but designed in the modern era, the inspiring project constructs a whole new way of looking at our country.

While the entirety of Fifty and Fifty is on display at Ace Hotel New York from December 18 – February 1, I’ve included all six states that I’ve called home through the years below.

Massachusetts by Mark Weaver (1985-1994)

Fifty and Fifty - Massachusetts

Vermont by Always With Honor (1994-2003)

Fifty and Fifty - Vermont

Oregon by Draplin Design Co. (2003-2007)

Fifty and Fifty - Oregon

Colorado by Justin Fuller (2007-2008)

Fifty and Fifty - Colorado

New York by Dan Cassaro (2008-2011)

Fifty and Fifty - New York

California by Richard Perez (2011-2012)

Fifty and Fifty - California