Boris Diaw

Having met Boris Diaw a few times, I can tell you that he’s different than the average NBA player. Aside from being French, one thing that sets him apart is that he’s an avid photographer. So to celebrate the launch of the new away kit for the French Football Federation, appropriately titled La Silhouette Blanche, Nike asked him to do something special.

Diaw invited some renowned athletes and personal friends from the world of sports, fashion, cinema and music to take part in the collaboration, including Laure Boulleau, Alexandre Vauthier, Alex Olson, Nekfeu and Sneazzy West of 1995, Brodinski, Fulgence Ouedraogo, Éric Judor, Carl Lewis and Steve Nash. The results, as you see below, are a collection of photographs that he took focusing on French elegance and the overall design innovation of the new kit.

Laure Boulleau

Alexandre Vauthier

Alex Olson

Nekfeu & Sneazzy West


Fulgence Oeudraogo

Eric Judor

Carl Lewis

Steve Nash

Also, be sure to go behind the scenes to see how it all went down: